Always a happy camper?

19 nov 2020


For a while, I believed being positive was the secret recipe to life… But by becoming more conscious and using the Energy Leadership tool, I learned this is not the truth for me any longer. It helped me to gain understanding on how energy works and I came to appreciate both types of energy:

Catabolic energy is a destructive force. When someone perceives a situation as being stressful, the brain creates catabolic hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. The purpose is to provide energy to push through the stress. While people can work well under stress and experience short-term success, the long-term impact can be draining. When people feel stress, it is difficult to look past the stressor and see a bigger picture of the situation and the choices that could be available to them.

Anabolic energy is a constructive force. It’s associated with less stress. When the brain isn’t under stress, the body releases anabolic hormones that are designed to optimize systems. As a result, it is easier to focus on solutions, tap into creativity, and experience a more complete and conscious view of situations. The less judgment and fear people have about themselves and situations, the more anabolic energy they can access.


Neither type of energy is positive or negative. They both serve a powerful and important purpose. The key is to know if you are experiencing them by choice, because it serves you… or by default, because it’s what you’re used to…

What does your stress reaction look like? And how might you benefit from increasing your energy?

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